James Siddle


Agile Product Roadmaps for Software Architecture O'Reilly Software Architecture Con., Feb 2018
Stories in Travel Data Geomob London, July 2014
Automated Annotation With Intgrated Humans iAnnotate 2013
Experiences and Lessons Learned in Agile Software Development IBM

Journal Papers

SureChEMBL: a large-scale, chemically annotated patent document database Nucleic Acids Research
Choose Your Own Architecture - Interactive Pattern Storytelling LNCS
An Example of the Retrospective Patterns-Based Documentation of a Software System LNCS


London's public bike data is telling everyone where you've been Variable Tree
Visualizing The Wheel of Time: Reader Sentiment for an Epic Fantasy Series Variable Tree
Personal Data Hacks: Visualizing Data from OpenFlights.org Variable Tree
Three Friends, a Breakdown, and a Lawsuit Boing Boing
Pi-day: When Justin Beiber Met Newton Digital Science

Technical Articles

Mining patents in the cloud Digital Science
How patterns shaped web services in WebSphere Application Server 7.0 IBM DevWorks
Using the WebSphere Business Events REST API for event processing IBM DevWorks
How to write JAX-WS applications for WS-Notification IBM DevWorks
Architekturmodellierung und Spikes in agilen Projekten ObjektSpektrum

Conference Papers

An Interactive Pattern Story about Remote Object Invocation PLOP 2009
Using patterns to create a service-oriented component middleware VikingPLOP 2006

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